We know the military puts very specific demands on its cargo. Cases-Cases has over 15 years of experience designing custom case solutions specific to the needs of the military. We can assist with all your case needs – from adherence to MIL specs to stackability for transport. We design cushioning systems with the end product and user in mind. We also design our cases to keep your equipment and items as secure as possible. We understand you need your cases quickly, with on-time delivery. Our staff of engineers can help navigate you through the case design process with ease and can work with you on any technical issues. Cases-Cases offers the best-in-class family of rotationally molded, injection molded, composite, and aluminum shipping cases for Military, Government, and Homeland Security applications. Our shipping cases, rackmount transit cases, and deployable weapons cases provide safe, secure shipping and storage of your valuable equipment: satellite systems, C4 systems, robotics, UAVs, and deployable armory equipment. We work with all types of cushioning systems from foam to shock mounted decks and racks. Your equipment will arrive safely within the rigid demands of government and defense contracts. If your program requires several different cases, and/or a requirement for Kanban or Just-In-Time (JIT) solutions, we have processes in place to solve these issues and make sure your project runs smoothly.

Law Enforcement & Homeland Security

Cases-Cases has the travel, shipping, and storage solution to fit any law enforcement needs. From personal carrying cases for single firearms and K-9 accessories to heavy duty shipping cases for large quantities of firearms, we have the case you need. Custom case solutions can be created for your portable communications systems (radios, mobile devices, laptops) as well as for crowd containment devices and first aid kits. We have cases that can store and transport body armor. We also have briefcases that lock with a combination, key, or lock of your own choosing to completely secure sensitive information while you travel – perfect for ATF and FBI applications.


In the medical field, there are many factors that impact transporting devices and instruments. Portable X-Ray and MRI equipment requires special cases which allow for easy transfer from one location to another. Defibrillators are created in a range of sizes and are often carried to an accident scene. These cases must be specifically designed for ease-of-use under the most dire of circumstances. From testing equipment to live organ transport, we can design a case to fit your stringent and precise needs.

Emergency Services

In an emergency situation, EMS personnel need supplies and equipment to be accessible at a moment’s notice. Critical minutes cannot be spent searching for the right supplies or realizing a piece of equipment is broken. We have EMS cases in a range of sizes. They securely hold not only the usual first aid supplies but also defibrillators, oxygen tanks, hoses, and any other equipment requiring easy yet readily accessible storage.

High Tech

When it comes to designing cases and transport systems for the high tech market, more and more of our customers require some element of customization beyond simple foam cushioning systems. Our engineering staff works closely with clients to customize products to your specific transport system needs so that you can feel confident about the secure arrival and storage of your equipment. We work to bring you your prototype carrying/shipping case solution as quickly as possible. Whether you require just one case or a thousand, Cases-Cases strives to find the best solution for you and your customers. If your needs are constantly changing due to product improvements, changes, and market demands, we can assist with rapid prototyping of your case solution, from single prototypes through production.

IT & Communications

Cases-Cases has assisted numerous Information Technology (IT) companies and departments in transporting vast amounts of highly sensitive and fragile equipment – equipment that includes handhelds, hard drives, towers, rack servers, and UPS units. We have designed and developed multi-laptop cases for mobile classrooms that are packed and ready for use. They are equally ready for rolling across the hallway or shipping across the country. Do you need a reliable system for safely returning rack components for repair? We offer an anti-static, adjustable shipping case designed to reliably and safely transport rack components. If you require a traveling whole-rack system for field use or disaster recovery, we can work with you to create a set of rack mounted cases specific to your needs, based on weight, quantity of rack units, and ease of transport. We have also designed cases to hold multiple hand-held units, PDAs, hard drives, circuit boards, and other small electronic devices so that you can feel confident about the secure arrival and storage of your equipment.

Education & Research

Cases-Cases understands that in the education and research fields, your equipment can be highly specialized and unique. We have designed cases to hold one-of-a kind telescope optics and prototype robots, as well as unique testing equipment. You name it – we can create the best solution for you to transport your equipment into the field for studies. Colleges, universities, and research companies need their expensive equipment and tools to endure long after the funding disappears. We can protect it from shipping damage and the elements to increase its longevity.


A sales demonstration directly influences a client’s first impression of your company. What do your sales presentation materials say about you? Do you carry your sales samples in a box and hope they arrive at your customer in good condition? We can design cases to protect your equipment or parts during travel, as well as display them in the best possible way for your customers once they arrive safely. Custom labeling, surfacing, and special foams are available to make your products shine!


Industrial equipment is often shipped to remote or hazardous locations. Equipment and instruments may need to be shipped back and forth for repair or calibration, or your customers may require a safe storage solution when your parts are not in use. We have designed shipping containers for all of these needs. Cases-Cases has years of experience creating the right solution for you. Replace your single-use boxes and crates with durable reusable containers to keep your parts safe. Shipping component parts from factory to factory can also be expensive. Let us help you save money and reduce waste by designing reusable, custom cases to replace your wooden crates or single-use boxes.