Quotations submitted by Cases-Cases are good for 30 days from the date of quotation unless otherwise specified. Prices quoted do not include any sales, use, excise, duty, or similar taxes. Prices quoted do not include any shipping or delivery charges, which are the responsibility of the buyer unless noted. Delivery lead times contained within quotations shall date from receipt by seller of all necessary engineering, manufacturing, credit, and purchasing information required by Cases-Cases.


All orders are subject to approval and acceptance by Cases-Cases. Cases-Cases may at any time alter or suspend credit, refuse shipment, or cancel unfilled orders when, in Cases-Cases’ opinion, the financial conditions of the buyer or the status of his account warrant it, or when the buyer is delinquent in any payment.


Orders may be canceled or deliveries deferred only with the written permission of Cases-Cases. Buyer assumes immediate liability for all expenses incurred by Cases-Cases for work in process and order value of any items completed and ready for shipment.


Shipment schedules are approximates only and are as accurate as present conditions permit. Cases-Cases assumes no responsibility or liability for failure or delay in making delivery when such failure is due to any cause beyond its control and without its fault and negligence. Delivery to a common carrier shall constitute delivery to buyer and all risk of loss or damage in transit shall be borne by the buyer. If, because of the buyer’s inability to take delivery, the seller may have them stored for the buyer at the buyer’s expense, risk and account and for all other purposes, they shall be considered shipped.


Warranty for all of our cases is 3 years against defects in materials and workmanship. Cases-Cases shall replace any part, component or case or refund the purchase price for the product which fails during the warranty period. The buyer must obtain a return authorization prior to returning the product. In the event that Cases-Cases determines that the product is not defective, the buyer shall pay all costs of transportation and repairs or replacement at current rates. The warranty does not cover any damage to the cases due to misuse, alteration or lack of maintenance. The warranty does not cover deterioration based on normal use and exposure. Some of our standard products have a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. Cases-Cases will honor those guarantees as well.


All items sold by Cases-Cases shall be packed or crated and shipped in accordance with Cases-Cases best judgment. Any special packaging, crating, or shipping instructions of the buyer must be noted on the purchase order and acknowledged by Cases-Cases.


Buyer shall inspect all items upon arrival and shall give written notice to Cases-Cases within 10 days of the arrival of any claim for shortage or nonconformance with the terms hereof. If buyer fails to give such notice, all items shall be deemed acceptable, and the buyer shall be bound to accept and pay for all items in accordance with the terms thereof.


No product may be returned without Cases-Cases written approval. All returns must be freight prepaid. Returned goods are subject to inspection by Cases-Cases. When authorized in writing, unused products may be returned to Cases-Cases and will be subject to restocking charges and rebuilding charges to “as new” condition. Return charges range from a minimum of $25 to a maximum of 100% based on case purchased, the level of customization and Cases-Cases ability to resell the case. Used cases cannot be returned for credit.

Payment Terms

Terms include payment by credit card upon date of shipment or net 30 days for purchase orders with approved credit. For international shipments, all charges, including product, shipping, and duties, are payable in USD via wire transfer prior to shipment. All shipments are F.O.B. origin, unless otherwise expressly stated in writing by Cases-Cases.

Right to Correct Errors

Cases-Cases is not responsible for typographical errors in any of its publications or correspondences or clerical errors made in preparations of quotations, sales orders, acknowledgments, or invoices. All such errors are subject to correction.


This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.